During my time at Newsday, I became interested in sculpture, and began producing works in direct plaster and carving in stone.  When I left the paper, I opened a sculpture studio in the basement of a posh beauty salon in Great Neck, LI.  I used to run upstairs mid-morning to help myself to their freshly brewed coffee.  In my smock dotted with all sorts of artistic detritus, I looked like a handyman.  At first the customers were shocked, but when the owner/hairdresser whispered that I was the ‘resident sculptor,’ their attitude toward me changed.  It was great fun.

Soon I needed more space, so I opened a studio in the Port Washington marina, where I remained until I moved out West.  Although I produced over two hundred pieces, I neglected to photograph most of them before they were sold.  I deeply regret I don’t have more examples to show on my website, but here is a representative collection of my sculpture in the various media.  At the end of the sculpture section, I’ve included a review of one of my shows.

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