I’ve been an artist all my life.  While serving in the Army during the Korean War,  I was awarded the First Prize in
Drawing, All Army Arts Contest International.  I graduated from the New York Phoenix School of Design.
My subsequent career falls into three phases:  as an editorial cartoonist, as a sculptor and teacher, and, overall, as a painter.

I was the editorial cartoonist for the Long Island New York daily, NEWSDAY, for nine years.
Original drawings of my cartoons are in the collections of former Presidents Lyndon Johnson and John F. Kennedy, and
Vice President Nelson Rockefeller, as well as in the new Walt Disney Museum.







When I left NEWSDAY I opened a sculpture studio, working in stone, wood, bronze, and direct plaster.
My works have been exhibited in galleries and sold privately and through decorators.  They have also been purchased for schools,
public buildings, churches and temples.

When I moved to Arizona in 1990, I fell in love with the West, and added that interest to the subjects of my paintings and drawings.
I hope this website will reveal my lifelong search to develop as an artist and show the full range of my artistic expression.